MOT Failures


Why You should sell if you ave an MOT Failure scrap car to us!

Your MoT failure car can be a real headache and in many cases, the price of repair does not match the value. If it is going to cost you more than the car is worth to keep on the road, you might have to face facts and scrap it, and stop throwing good money after bad. We pay between £ 50 and £10,000 for all types of scrap cars depending on age, make and condition and not only that we will come and remove it. 

When you sell your Mot failure to us, you can be confident that your problem will be solved. No need to risk driving it to the scrap yard yourself or paying someone to take it away. We pay for all types of MoT failures, deal with the paperwork and simply remove your problem car. 

Contact and find out more about scrapping for cash. You can fill out the online questionnaire or pick up the phone (07859021150) and I will make you an offer.

Sell your MOT failure car to scrap my car company. when you live in Essex, Herts or London.


One of our team will contact you within 15 minutes, too give us more details on your vehicle please click here .