NON Runners

Why you should sell your Non Runners to us!

Whatever type of non-runner you have, don’t leave it stuck on your drive gathering rust and annoying your neighbours. A better alternative is to sell it to us for cash and we will come and remove it for you. We buy all types of nun runner- whether you have an accident damaged 4 by 4, a smashed van, or a mechanical write off or engine failure. And bearing in mind scrapping your non-runner yourself is not easy if you do not have the necessary equipment, it is the only sensible option for most people.

We pay between £50 -£10,000 for non-runners, depending on model, age and condition. Just contact and either complete the online valuation questionnaire or pick up the phone (07859021150). We can give you an instant decision and then our team will come, take it away, and deal with all the paperwork for you.  End of problem.

It is the only sensible option for scrapping your non-runner, saves you time and puts cash in your pocket. 

We offer you a chance to sell your Non runners if you live in Essex, Herts or London.

One of our team will contact you within 15 minutes, too give us more details on your vehicle please click here .